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Call Center

Call Center Services

1. Customer service
2. Technical support
3. Sales and lead generation
4. Appointment scheduling
5. Surveys and market research
6. Order management
7. Answering service

Proposal for small business

Scalable call center service for small businesses with customer service needs in English and Spanish.

Services included:
– Customer service (inbound)
– Order management
– Basic answering service

Pricing structure:
– Per-minute model: $0.75 per call minute
– Monthly base rate: $500 (includes 1000 minutes)

– 5-10 dedicated bilingual agents
– Service hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm EST
– Basic CRM software included
– Monthly performance reports
– Initial agent training included

– VoIP telephony system
– Basic integration with client systems

Compliance and security:
– PCI DSS compliance for credit card data protection

Proposal for medium-sized business

Comprehensive call center service for medium-sized businesses with multichannel needs in English and Spanish.

Services included:
– Customer service (inbound and outbound)
– Level 1 and 2 technical support
– Sales and lead generation
– Order and returns management
– Customer satisfaction surveys

Pricing structure:
– Hybrid model:
– Base hourly rate: $35 per hour per agent
– Performance bonus: Additional 5% based on customer satisfaction metrics

– 20-50 dedicated bilingual agents
– 24/7 service
– Advanced CRM software
– Data analysis and weekly reports
– Ongoing training and quality control

– Omnichannel telephony system (voice, chat, email)
– Full integration with client systems
– Customized IVR

Compliance and security:
– PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance
– ISO 27001 certification for information security

Proposal for large enterprise

Premium and customized call center solution for large enterprises with complex needs in English and Spanish.

Services included:
– Multichannel customer service
– Multi-level technical support
– Sales and customer retention
– Crisis management and escalations
– Data analysis and customer insights
– Back office services

Pricing structure:
– Customized model:
– Fixed monthly rate based on projected volume
– Tiered pricing for interaction volume
– Incentives for meeting KPIs

– 100+ highly trained bilingual agents
– 24/7/365 service
– Dedicated management team
– Advanced CRM and data analysis software
– Real-time reporting and predictive analytics
– Continuous improvement program

– Advanced omnichannel platform (voice, chat, email, social media, video)
– Full API integration with client systems
– AI and chatbot implementation for self-service
– Real-time voice and sentiment analysis

Compliance and security:
– PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR compliance
– ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certification
– Geographic redundancy and business continuity plan