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Meta Ads


We present a comprehensive advertising strategy on Meta Ads designed to maximize your digital presence and generate tangible results in Florida. Our proposal combines cutting-edge technologies with proven strategies to effectively reach and convert your target audience.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness by 30% in the Florida market
  • Generate a minimum of 100 qualified leads per month
  • Increase website traffic by 50%
  • Improve advertising ROI by 25% compared to previous campaigns

Market Analysis

  • Demographics: Focus on adults 25-54 years old in urban and suburban areas of Florida
  • Behavior: Active social media users, interested in [client’s specific sector]
  • Trends: 40% increase in online purchases post-pandemic in Florida
  • Competition: Analysis of 3 main competitors and their strategies on Meta Ads

Campaign Strategy

1) Advanced Targeting:

  • Use of Meta’s Advantage+ Audience for AI-based dynamic targeting
  • Creation of lookalike audiences based on high-value current customers
  • Remarketing to website visitors and social media engagement

2) Creativity and Design:

  • Development of adaptive creatives for Feed, Stories, and Reels
  • Use of augmented reality for interactive product experiences
  • Production of short videos optimized for attention retention

3) Content Strategy:

  • Creation of a series of educational posts about [topic relevant to the industry]
  • Collaboration with local Florida micro-influencers for authentic content
  • Implementation of a content marketing strategy that positions the brand as a thought leader

Implementation and Timeline

Organizational Structure

Packages and Pricing


$ 750 15 Days
  • Setup and optimization of 1 ad account
  • 1 ad campaign with 2 ad sets and 4 ads in total
  • Basic audience targeting
  • 2 creatives (1 static image and 1 short video)
  • Daily campaign management and optimization
  • Performance report at the end of the campaign


$ 1,500 30 Days
  • Everything included in the Basic Package
  • 2 ad campaigns with 6 ad sets and 12 ads in total
  • Advanced targeting with Advantage+ Audience
  • 4 creatives (2 static images and 2 short videos)
  • Implementation of remarketing strategy
  • A/B testing of ads
  • Bi-weekly and final performance reports


$ 2,500 30 Days
  • Everything included in the Standard Package
  • 3 ad campaigns with 12 ad sets and 16 ads in total
  • Hyper-personalized AI-based targeting
  • 6 creatives (3 static images, 2 short videos, 1 carousel ad)
  • Continuous machine learning-based optimization
  • Weekly and final performance reports
  • Monthly strategic meeting

Metrics and Reports

  • Customized real-time dashboard with key KPIs
  • Weekly performance reports with actionable insights
  • Monthly strategy meeting to review results and adjust objectives