Marketing Booster

Press Release

Main Features

1. Multimedia Format
• Text
• Video
• Photo
• Featured client profile
2. Key Elements
• Two main headlines
• Well-structured content


– Platforms: Fox News, CBS, and more than 400 important local and national media
– Preferred Publication Day: Friday or Monday
– Schedule: Flexible, according to client needs


1. Content creation
2. Approval by regulatory agency (National Newswire/PRNewswire)
3. Publication on selected platforms
4. Screenshot as proof of publication

Estimated Timelines

– Minimum: 2-4 business days
– Recommended: 5-7 business days for greater flexibility

Price and Services

– Special Price: $2500 (save $400 from the original price of $2900)
– Additional Services Available:
– Social media setup
– Marketing campaigns
– Website development

Added Value:

– Presence in major media outlets
– National visibility
– Proof of publication with screenshot
– Online permanence: approximately 6-7 months

Press Release Details

1. Introduction:
– Brief description of the service offered
– Mention of the profile platform as «the best available»
2. Service Details:
– Distribution in national media, including Fox News
– Multimedia format: text, video, photo
– Featured client profile
3. Process and Timelines:
– Explanation of the approval process (including regulation by PRNewswire)
– Estimated publication times (usually Friday or Monday)
– Flexibility in specific schedules (with additional considerations)
4. Added Value:
– National reach through recognized media
– Publication permanence (6-7 months on certain platforms)
– Screenshot as proof of publication
5. Additional Services (if applicable):
– Social media setup
– Marketing campaigns
– Website development
6. Contact:
– Information to request more details or contract the service
7. About [Company/Service Name]:
– Brief description of the company and its experience in the field