Marketing Booster

Business Needs Assessment

After a thorough analysis of your operations and objectives, we have identified the following priority needs that our corporate SEO strategy will address:
1. Maximization of online visibility
2. Channeling of qualified web traffic
3. Optimization of conversion rates
4. Dominance of the local market
5. Enhancement of social media engagement

Proven Methodology and Tactics

Our SEO methodology is based on a cutting-edge approach that combines the latest techniques with years of experience in the field:
– Technical Website Optimization: We will audit and optimize the structure, speed, markup, and other technical aspects of your website for an optimal user experience.
– Keyword Strategy: We will conduct a thorough analysis to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for your business.
– Content Optimization: We will create and optimize quality content focused on target keywords to improve ranking and user experience.
– Link Building: We will implement ethical and effective link building strategies to increase your website’s authority and visibility.
– Local Optimization: We will enhance your presence in local listings, directories, and maps to dominate relevant local searches.
– Social Media SEO: We will optimize your content and strategies on major social platforms to increase reach and engagement.

Dedicated Team of SEO Experts

We will assign a dedicated team of highly trained specialists to work on your account:
– Lead SEO Consultant: A senior SEO strategist with over 8 years of experience will lead your project.
– SEO Content Specialist: An expert SEO writer will create and optimize engaging and relevant content.
– Link Building Specialist: An experienced professional will build high-quality links ethically.
– SEO Analyst: A data analyst will continuously monitor and analyze SEO performance.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

You will receive detailed monthly reports including:
– Keyword Performance Analysis: Rankings, clicks, impressions, and increases.
– Web Traffic Metrics: Sessions, users, bounce rate, session duration.
– Conversion Indicators: Form submissions, calls, sales.
– Social Media Metrics: Engagement, mentions, follower growth.
– Link Building Analysis: New inbound links, domain authority metrics.
– Recommendations: Actionable insights based on data to further optimize.


Packages and Prices


$ 1,200 Monthly

Ideal for small businesses with tight budgets that require a solid SEO strategy.

– Includes: Website and content optimization, link building, monthly analysis and reporting.

– Details: 2 blog posts per month, optimization of 10 web pages, building 2 links each month.


$ 2,400 Monthly

Perfect for businesses looking to grow and capitalize on all key SEO tactics.

– Includes: Everything from the Basic Package, plus social media optimization, local SEO optimization, and keyword analysis.

– Details: 4 blog posts per month, optimization of 15 web pages, building 4 links each month, 10 optimized social media posts, optimization of profiles on 3 major local directories.


$ 4,800 Monthly

Designed for businesses that understand the importance of a comprehensive and cutting-edge SEO strategy.

– Includes: Everything from the Standard Package, plus advanced link building strategy, online review management, and monthly SEO consultancy.

– Details: 8 blog posts per month, optimization of 20 web pages, building 8 links each month, 20 optimized social media posts, optimization of profiles on 5 major local directories, 1 optimized video per month, management and response to reviews on 3 platforms, 1-hour strategy consultation per month.

Proven Methodology and Tactics

Our methodology follows best practices and adapts to the specific requirements of each package:
– Technical Website Optimization
– Keyword Strategy
– Content Optimization
– Link Building
– Local SEO
– Social Media SEO

Dedicated Team of SEO Experts:
We will assign a specialized team based on the selected package level.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting:
You will receive monthly reports with key metrics such as keyword rankings, web traffic, conversions, social media engagement, link analysis, and more.

Next Steps:
Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your unique needs and develop a customized plan using the appropriate tactics and resources based on your package level.